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Boost Productivity Through Organization

Sortimo is the perfect organization system for your workshop, job site, work van or home!

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Tools and consumables are kept in exactly the right place in the drawers of the WorkMo modules. BOXXes and cases are integrated in the WorkMo using case pull-outs or full pull-outs. The full pull-outs have the benefit of letting you open the BOXXes and cases in the WorkMo to make the contents fully accessible. In addition, shelves provide extra storage space.

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Thanks to the transparent lid of the T-BOXX G, it offers an ideal overview of the small parts and consumables contained in it even when closed. It therefore helps to significantly improve efficiency in the working day, as there is no need for the time-consuming searching for materials.

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L-BOXXes can be intuitively combined with each other and separated again in seconds, thanks to their intelligent and simple click system. The possibility of fully integrating the Sortimo BOXX and Case system into your Sortimo van racking systems and their all-purpose use makes them unique.

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See what our customers are saying about Sortimo

We Found Sortimo from a Facebook Ad. After some research and a few conversions with John, we decided to go ahead and try this system in our newest service van. Its been about a week now and we love the system so easy to stay organized and ready for the next service call.

Myarc Electric Ltd.

I am very pleased with the results.
Not only was I able to empty three boxes (two smaller ones and one regular double sided), I now use up less space with only two Sortimo T-Boxxes and am much better organized and mobile. Most importantly I will save time.

John Czirjak

Picked up a couple of their sorting/storage cases. Beefier and more useful than other units I've bought before - adjustable and removeable compartments make emptying or refilling easier and faster than having to dig stuff out or trying to make sure nothing spills over when you're refilling a part.

Kolin Hibbert