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T-BOXX-48 - getsortimocanada


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The Sortimo T-BOXX-48 including 48 inset boxes consists of 48x inset boxes 1x1 H63 and is designed for a large number of different consumables, such as screws, nuts and plug terminals.
  • Including 48 inset boxes set H63
  • Small components in view at all times
  • Comfortable to carry & impact-resistant
  • Cost-savings due to long service life
  • Flexible by the removal of individual inset boxes
  • Transparent polycarbonate cover
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 350mm x 440mm x 80mm


What our customers think about Sortimo

I am very pleased with the results.
Not only was I able to empty three boxes (two smaller ones and one regular double sided), I now use up less space with only two Sortimo T-Boxxes and am much better organized and mobile. Most importantly I will save time.

John Czirjak

These Sortimo storage boxes are just outstanding. I can't help myself; I buy another one every month or two because they are so versatile, and once you have a few different assortments of boxes, you can mix and match to build the perfect arrangement for whatever it is you're organizing.

Jesse S.

Absolutely the best way to organize small items. The lid locks to movable units so items stay put. Super modular. I probably won't buy anything else from now on.

Reed H.