We drive the market expectations!

Meeting tomorrow’s requirements today is more than just a vision – it represents the mission statement of Sortimo International GmbH and the clear aspiration of our successful company history. The entire Sortimo product range is produced at the company’s headquarters and sole production site in Zusmarshausen, and shipped from there around the world.

Our company founder, Herbert Dischinger, laid the foundation for the world of Sortimo systems in 1973 with his blue metal case. A passion for innovation and a commitment to always get the best result for customers led to Sortimo quickly becoming the world’s leading provider of van racking systems and intelligent mobility systems for tradesmen and women. Today the Sortimo product range includes far more than just van racking systems.

We offer our customers in all sectors and industries a full-service concept through the mySortimo platform, the digital services of which go far beyond individual and turnkey mobility solutions for lightweight commercial vehicles. The Sortimo product portfolio has been usefully extended and the procurement channel made as simple as possible for our customers.

As the market and innovation leader, we are continuously working towards providing our customers with the maximum possible added value in their day-to-day working lives through efficient, future-proof and profitable business. Our focus is always clearly on the benefits for customers in the development of new, or the improvement of existing products.


After all, we don’t just want to generate customers – we want to win fans.
And we do everything to succeed in this!

Klaus Emler and Reinhold Braun,
Managing Directors Sortimo International

Well thought-out ergonomics, the best possible safety, quality and a long service life are properties that have characterised our products in tough day-to-day work from the very start. Our customers therefore not only appreciate the high quality and mobility of Sortimo products but, above all, their functionality typified by their total compatibility with their entire Sortimo EcoSystem.

Sortimo is setting new service standards with its mySortimo platform. Whether they are looking for a van racking system, vehicle decals or customized workplace organization – Sortimo customers now have many diverse options available for individually customizing their commercial vehicle to meet industry-specific requirements and needs with the comprehensive services offered by the mySortimo platform. Thanks to the seamless connectivity of online and offline channels provided by the mySortimo platform, purchases and services are seamlessly linked to each other, offering our customers the option of quickly and simply configuring and ordering around the clock to take delivery of their vehicle that is 100% customized to their needs.

Combined with a nationwide network of our own subsidiaries and stations throughout Germany and nine international subsidiaries, we are always local to our customers and can quickly and reliably meet their needs and requests at any time. Our innovative prowess has always been one of our strengths and our driving force, which has secured us a fixed position in the industry as a market and technology leader. Research and development of new technological and progressive solutions enables us to ensure that Sortimo products are always one step ahead of market requirements. Our expertise ensures that the innovations and system solutions created here cannot be copied – let alone in “Made in Germany” quality.


-Your Sortimo Managing Directors


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Setting standards in your vehicle and workshop? Sortimo provides you with the perfect solution to do so! The use of colour codes identifies where things belong at a glance. The structure can be individually defined. For instance, you might structure the system according to the type of content (e.g. tools, consumables, etc., and/or screws, rawlplugs, etc.), according to vehicle or employee(e.g. Red = Employee A, Green = Employee B, etc.) or based on your own individual ideas. The systematic use of standard cases and BOXXes also makes it possible to standardize and ensure that everything fits together! For example, the L-BOXX is a packaging solution for tools and consumables widely used in the marketplace.


Universal lashing points

The SoboPro floor has integrated lashing points which are compatible with all ProSafe applications such as lashing straps, CargoStopp, restraint poles or load safety nets thanks to universal applications.


Floor plate

The 7-ply glued wooden floor has a thickness of 9 mm and is made of Nordic birch. Its multi-directional textured coating makes the moisture-resistant floor scratch-resistant and extremely non-slip even in wet conditions.


Original lashing points

The vehicle’s original lashing points remain available using the integrated flush lashing points in the floor, and are compatible with ProSafe.



Storage space and payloads are limited, particularly in your vehicle. Another reason to transport just the things you actually need. SR5 van racking provides a comprehensive overview in the vehicle and helps to identify tools or small components and organize them if required. This frees up more storage space for transport and also reduces the vehicle’s fuel consumption as a result of the reduced overall weight.



Work processes can be optimized by systematic organization in the vehicle, minimizing the time needed to search for and find things. Sophisticated arrangement of objects helps with efficient access to the contents. For example, we can eliminate the need to enter the vehicle by placing frequently used objects close to the vehicle doors.



Cleanliness in the vehicle reduces the time it takes you to access contents, at the same time increasing safety at work. In addition, this is the best advertisement to your customer of your profession­al working methods. Unlike an untidy vehicle, structured organi­zation in the SR5 van racking makes it possible to clean the load area simply and without the need for time-consuming clearing out. Incorporating the vehicle interior into regular vehicle maintenance definitely pays off.



It’s also easier to discipline yourself to make use of the organizational and cleaning rules in view of the aforementioned benefits. Continuous improvement forms part of the 5S method. For this reason, your workflows always need to be critically scrutinized to maximize any potential for improvement. The flexibility of the SR5 van racking system provides for a number of adaptation options, and so it can be adapted to meet the continuously changing requirements in the world of work.



The drawers offer an optimum overview with their full pull-out feature and quick access to the tools, machines or spare parts inside. Thanks to their anodized aluminium front, all SR5 elements are truly sturdy.


Long components tray

In the long components tray, awkward or long items such as pipes, cable ducts or aiming stakes can be stowed and transported safely. Opening the rear section allows contents to be removed simply and quickly to the rear.



The SR-BOXXes, which are unique in their functionality, can be integrated both on and under the shelves in the van racking using the plastic slides, meaning that the available space is used to optimum effect. Small items and consumables can be stored here.



SR-Drawer As an innovative alternative to a drawer, the SR drawer offers the tried and tested Sortimo SR drawer function, but it can be removed completely at any time. Dividers and insetboxes offer varied opportunities for organization.


Aluminium side profiles

The sturdy and compact aluminium side profiles are the basis for each SR5 shelf and require just a small space on the vehicle floor. This ensures maximum load space usage so that large items can be conveyed without any problems in the vehicle. Varied accessories for all kinds of sectors and requirements are screwed to the aluminium side profiles at any height for stepless adjustment.



The positioning of the shelves can be varied forwards and back­wards, which allows the SR5 shelf to be adapted to the contour of the vehicle to optimum effect. This ensures adequate space for the load and freedom of movement. The roof area which is other­wise hardly used is exploited to the maximum. The shelves are available in various different versions, which can be equipped with SR-BOXXes both above and below.


mySortimo labels

The lettering labels with Sortimo colour coding perfects the organization of the load space – an important foundation for efficient working.


SR5 connection points

Thanks to the standard integrated connection points, Sortimo SR5 van racking can be installed quickly and easily in the vehicle.