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Van Racking Systems

Research and development of new technological and progressive solutions enables us to ensure that Sortimo products are always one step ahead of market requirements. This is the reason for developing SR5 as the new generation of van racking system.

We recommend professional installation by an authorized Sortimo partner.

Yes. The van racking configurator mySortimo configuration lets you design and directly buy your SR5 van racking system online to meet your individual needs.

We have the right solutions for every vehicle make and offer perfectly coordinated van racking systems for every type of vehicle.

Its slimline design with side profiles requires less floor space than conventional van racking systems. The contour of the vehicle is also perfectly utilized by the flexible installation.



a. Installation of the components offset to the middle of the vehicle means that the SR5 shelving ideally adapts to the contour of the vehicle. The entire depth of the shelf is retained and the roof area in the vehicle is utilized to best advantage.



b. The reduction in component height at the top means that the components are still aligned in the direction of the middle of the vehicle. The advantage of this version is that the van racking system can still be used to store panel materials, among other things. ProSafe lashing rails provide support surfaces and lashing options.

A number of common commercial vehicles can already be configured. We are working constantly to expand this further.

The configurator offers the option of configuring the SR5 van racking system complete with accessories, floors and walls.

Yes! Like all Sortimo products, SR5 has been crash-tested under real conditions (fully loaded up to 600 kg). SR5 will remain standing even in extreme situations, offering maximum safety for the load and passengers too.

Van Racking and Decal Configurators

mySortimo van racking configurator

Use the van racking configurator to create your SR5 van racking system to meet your individual wishes and needs to ensure that you are ideally equipped for everyday work out on the road. The mySortimo smart asisstant will support you in the selection of a van racking system and, based on your information, will automatically propose a suggestion for your sector and your vehicle in a few simple steps. Of course you can then make further individual adjustments yourself.

If you find defects in our products, immediately contact Sortimo on +44 (0)1925 831636 or your local contact, bearing in mind the special terms and conditions relating to orders for the installation of Sortimo International Ltd van racking systems. Have your customer and order number on hand.

Please contact Sortimo on +44 (0)1925 831636 to re-order a completed order or elements of it. Have your customer and order number on hand. All configurations ordered are saved on mySortimo and you can use them at any time for a new vehicle.

Contact Sortimo on +44 (0)1925 831636 or your local contact if your type/make of vehicle is not included in the configurator.

You can use the configurator in two different ways:



mySortimo smart asisstant: The mySortimo smart assistant will support you in the selection of a van racking system and, based on your information, will automatically propose a suggestion for your sector and your vehicle in a few simple steps. Of course you can then make further individual adjustments yourself.



Individual configuration: Individual configuration lets you create your new SR5 van racking system tailored to your personal and individual requirements. You can freely design your loading space concept and place selected components directly in their designated position by drag and drop. When loading the configurator, the individual options for operating the configurator are displayed once again.

First select your loading space. This is recommended as the basis for the van racking system. You can then equip your SR5 van racking system to meet your individual wishes and requirements. You have a large selection of components and accessories to choose from. Select practical add-on parts for your personal application.



mySortimo labels also offer you the option of individually labelling your shelves, cases and BOXXes. Before completing your order, you have the opportunity to check once again the individual components of your configured van racking system.

The SR5 side profiles are located at specified positions on the vehicle to ensure optimum utilisation of the vehicle’s loading space. Get in touch with your local contact if you would like to have the side profiles in a different position.


The possible positions for the selected components are displayed during the drag & drop process in the green highlighted fields between the side profiles. Red highlighted fields show that there is insufficient space for the selected component at this position and that it therefore cannot be placed there.

At the checkout stage, you then select an installation service provider close to you and immediately specify a date for installation in your vehicle.

No. We rely on our trained skilled personnel to ensure an optimal result and comply with our warranty conditions. This ensures that we maintain a constant high standard of workmanship and installation of the van racking system.

mySortimo graphics decal configurator

Your company vehicle is your most important and most effective advertisement. Attractive vehicle decals portray a professional image of your company to the outside world, and draw attention to you. Let your advertisement drive around town and reach potential customers cost-effectively and with sustained effect.

Individual decals on your vehicle draw attention to you and increase awareness of your company. When configuring your vehicle decals, pay attention to the need to communicate a clear message and concentrate on key content. And remember: Less is more! Your logo or company name should be positioned prominently and ‘jump out’ immediately to any onlooker. It should also be immediately clear what products or services you are offering. Your internet address and company address with additional contact details, such as phone number or e-mail address, complete the design of the decal. Use a maximum of two to three different fonts and colours. We recommend basing the decal on your other advertising material to ensure a high level of brand recognition. Make use of our vehicle-specific templates for a quick and easy introduction to the design process! Simply replace the content with your data and adapt it to your needs accordingly.

The mySortimo graphics configurator for vehicle decals lets you create professional, attractive and high-quality decals for your company vehicle in no time at all, independently and without any relevant prior knowledge. So there is no need for you to employ an expensive advertising graphic designer. Make use of our extensive range of tools, with the option of uploading your own photos and logos for the design. A selection of professional, vehicle-specific templates provided by mySortimo graphics helps you get started and can spark your inspiration for your own configuration. The templates include the key content and can be quickly adapt with very little effort. The specified design areas also ensure that your content is ideally positioned and can be professionally adhered to your vehicle, offering you excellent and sustainded added value. You can obtain the complete package directly from the manufacturer in conjunction with a van racking system – your one-stop shop.

We only use high-quality adhesive and wrapping film from reputable manufacturers for the adhesive vehicle decals. The films are UV-resistant and weatherproof. They are expected to last approx. 5 to 7 years depending on weathering (please refer to our General Terms and Conditions). The films can also be removed, without leaving a trace, given the possibility that sell the vehicle.

We use two processes to produce the adhesive films: We use a plot process for simple wording/texts, rudimentary graphics and vector logos without gradation. The design elements are simply cut from the respective coloured film. The films are produced in a digital printing process if they incorporate photos, lettering and logos with gradated colour or other pixel graphics without a contour path. Regardless, state-of-the-art printing technology guarantees brilliant results.

You can upload your data in JPG, PNG and SVG file formats for your vehicle design. With SVG files, make sure that the fonts used are converted into paths to avoid possible presentation problems.

The mySortimo graphics decal configurator includes a large number of fonts and film colours. You have the option of adding your own fonts by uploading them in the form of graphics as a JPG, PNG or SV file if the font used on your company’s CI is not listed.

There are specified areas available on your selected vehicle for the optimum positioning of your content to ensure that your text and graphics are not impaired by gaps and beading on the vehicle body. The approved areas guarantee that decals stick easily to the vehicle and therefore last longer.

You will receive an order confirmation from us once your design has been submitted. Once we have checked your data, it will be passed for printing and further processing by us. We will then contact you as quickly as possible to arrange a date to apply the decal to your vehicle.

No. Our trained specialist personnel will ensure the best result and optimum durability of your vehicle decals. This enables us to guarantee a consistently high quality in terms of the processing and application of the film.

In the event that you identify defects, please immediately contact our Sortimo Team on +44 (0)1925 831636, taking into account the specific terms and conditions relating to ordering of Sortimo International Ltd vehicle decals. Have your customer and order number on hand.

Please contact our Sortimo Team on +44 (0)1925 831636 to re-order a completed order or individual elements from it. Have your customer and order number on hand.


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Our Customer Service department can be reached from Monday to Friday 7:30am – 4pm free of charge by phone: +44 (0)1925 831636

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Your order confirmation is sent to you via email immediately after successful completion of the order process. As soon as your goods leave our central warehouse in Zusmarshausen, you will receive shipment confirmation including a tracking shipment link. You will also receive an invoice via email after shipment of goods.

As a registered customer you have complete overview of your current and former orders. Simply click on “my account” and the “order history“.

No. In addition we pay the delivery and handling charges for you when you order more than $500 CAD.

Your delivery will be delivered to you nationwide within 5-7 workdays.

As soon as your goods leave our central warehouse in Zusmarshausen, you will receive shipment confirmation including a tracking shipment link.

Delivery is carried out by DHL (parcel service) (

You can see the delivery status of your order at any time just by clicking on the link in your shipment confirmation.

As a registered Sortimo Online-Shop customer you can enter via “my account” one or several alternative delivery addresses, also administrate these or use them for your order.

We charge a shipping and handling flat rate of 15 GBP for goods ordered below the order value of 75 GBP (incl. VAT). Shipping and handling of goods are free of charge, as of an order value of 75 GBP (incl. VAT).

You can make simple and safe non-cash payments with us by means of the following payment methods: PayPal, Master Card , Visa or Debit Card.

Please pay the invoice amount stated within 10 days when using “purchase on account” and put the order number into the reason for transfer. Our bank details can be found here.

Your Visa or Master Card payment is safely processed via an external service provider called Wirecard Bank. Credit card data is transferred encrypted via SSL-process. A purchase at Sortimo International GmbH via credit card is very safe due to the high grade of security standards. Sortimo International GmbH strictly does not save your credit card data. During the purchasing procedure you are automatically forwarded on to payment. If you send back items, the corresponding value of goods is credited to the originally debited credit card.

You can make non-cash payments safely and secure with PayPal. You will be directly forwarded on to PayPal after making your purchase. As a PayPal-customer, you can login with your user-data there and confirm the payment. If PayPal is new to you, you can register as a guest or open an account and then confirm the payment. When a return of shipment is declared for ordered goods, the corresponding value of goods will again be credited to your PayPal-account.

Simply click on “support” in the navigation and choose “returns”. When you have filled out the returns order form, we will send you the returns note via email. Simply stick this to your returns package and bring the package to the dispatch.

You can revoke your contractual declaration within 14 days in writing (e.g. letter, fax and email) or by return of goods without stating reasons. This period does not begin, before receipt of the goods by the recipient. You can find out more about revocation of goods on the home page at the bottom in the area of general terms and conditions.

So that we can process your returns as quickly as possible, we kindly ask you to fill out one returns order form per package, put one order into one package and to stick one returns note onto the package.

Please repack the returns in such a manner that nothing can be damaged during transport.

If you have paid for your product via PayPal, credit card or via debit card, the value of the goods for the returns will of course be reimbursed to you. We reimburse the money to the respective payment service provider. If you have paid via purchase on account, then the paid amount will be transferred back to your account.

Your voucher code can only be redeemed in the shopping cart as a registered customer. Sortimo voucher codes are not redeemable with already discounted products or services provided. A cash payment or a combination of several vouchers is not possible.

A combination of several vouchers is not possible. Only one voucher can be redeemed per order.

If your voucher code is not accepted then this can depend on the following voucher terms and conditions:


  • Your order is under the minimum order value
  • The promotion period is over
  • The voucher code can only be redeemed once

Please repack the returns in such a manner that nothing can be damaged during transport.

If you have paid for your product via PayPal, credit card or via debit card, the value of the goods for the returns will of course be reimbursed to you. We reimburse the money to the respective payment service provider. If you have paid via purchase on account, then the paid amount will be transferred back to your account.


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Use the Site search to quickly find a Sortimo branch office or station in your area.

Sortimo is represented by subsidiaries, partners and importers in 35 countries around the world.

Use the Site search to quickly find a Sortimo branch office or station in your area.


We recommend organizing your materials according to type, purpose or to whom they belong. Sortimo provides the following assistance in this respect:



Green: fastening hardware, including rawlplugs, screws, locking rings, sleeves, clamps, etc.



Red: fastening hardware/safety at work, including load securing, laptop usage, work gloves, safety goggles, high-visibility jacket, etc.



Orange: electrical installations, like terminals, heat-shrink tubes, switches, plugs, sockets, etc.



Yellow: plumbing, heating, cooling installation, including valves, threaded plugs, sealing rings, fittings, clamps. filters, etc.



Light green: construction chemistry, including silicone, glue, sealants, adhesive tape, cleaning agents, lubricants, etc.



Blue: power tools and hand tools, including drills, cordless screwdrivers, angle grinders, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.

You can use mySortimo labels to label all your L-BOXXes, T-BOXXes, SR* open shelves with border, SR-BOXXes* and inset boxes.


*an SR label clip is needed here

You can use to print your adhesive labels. Please note that you will need a laser printer to print them. Alternatively, you have the option of using a waterproof felt-tip pen to write on the labels by hand.

A professional floor and wall protects the loading space of your vehicle from damage and also helps to preserve the value of your commercial vehicle. The floor and wall also act as a foundation for the stable screw-fixing of the van racking system.

SoboGrip: SoboGrip is the installation floor for the individual fitting of a van racking system. It is specially designed for tough everyday life with changing loads and therefore ideal for parcel delivery services or freight forwarders.


SoboPro: SoboPro is the professional floor for your SR5 van racking system. Its integrated connection points enable the simple and fast installation of SR5 in the vehicle without the need for drill holes.


SoboPro restraint pole: The SoboPro restraint pole installation and load securing floor has additional universal lashing points in addition to the lashing points for the Sortimo SR5 van racking system.

You need to take a number of vehicle properties into consideration when selecting a floor (position of the sliding doors, rear opening, height of the vehicle, windows, etc.) Therefore please get in touch with your local contact or on the free hotline: +44 (0)1925 831636

The floors essentially float in the vehicle but can also be fixed to the floor, e.g. using butyl tape. The SoboGrip is also fixed in place by the lashing cups.

Essentially you can fit Sortimo floor and walls yourself. Nevertheless, we recommend professional installation by an authorised Sortimo partner.

The SowaFlex wall is recommended for moist conditions in the vehicle. It is made of plastic and is resistant to both moisture and chemicals.

Sortimo offers its own ProSafe professional load securing system to securely transport freight in your vehicle. ProSafe is integrated in uprights, beams and lashing rails. The lashing straps and load safety nets can then be hooked in with ease and the load securely lashed in place. This helps to protect the material, at the same time as saving time, weight and money. A wide range of accessories, including load safety nets, single lashing points, cargo stops or restraint poles, complete the broad portfolio.

ProSafe is Sortimo’s own integrated load securing system. ProSafe is fully compatible with the vehicle manufacturer’s original lashing points.

Acceleration forces occur when accelerating and braking or cornering, which can affect the load whether you are in a car, van or truck. Unsecured or inadequately secured loads in a vehicle represent a danger to passengers and other road users. As a fleet manager and driver, you are responsible for the security of the load you are carrying. Depending on the circumstances, a penalty fine may be imposed in the case of inadequately secured loads.

Yes, you can order different heights and widths of WorkMo modules, or order them as a preconfigured set at You can also buy a wide range of accessories at

Sortimo provides ProSafe load securing packages, which enable you to quickly and easily lash the WorkMo modules in the loading space. High-quality floor cups of PA6 plastic are also available. The floor cups are integrated in the installation floor and are used to quickly lock all widths of the WorkMo in position. Four ProSafe individual lashing points are supplied for professional load securing, which allow the WorkMo module to be lashed down using ProSafe lashing straps.

The WorkMo is available in two different heights (506 mm and 744 mm), enabling it to be adapted flexibly to every working situation. If you wish to use the WorkMo as a workplace on site, then we would recommend a 750 /744 mm high WorkMo for heavier work and two WorkMo 500 modules (total height 1012 mm) stacked on top of one another for more precise work.

You can combine different WorkMo modules as you wish. However, we do not provide a configurator for this.

Yes, the old L-BOXXes are fully compatible with the SR5 van racking system.

Yes, the L-BOXXes G/G4 are fully compatible with the Globelyst van racking system.

Yes, the L-BOXXes G/G4 are compatible with the previous generation of L-BOXXes.

The new L-BOXXes G4 have been given a new and optimised shape. You will find the correct inlays for your L-BOXX G4 at

The L-BOXXes G/G4 are only available in cool grey. There is a minimum order quantity for orders in a non-standard colour – please contact Sortimo with any queries about this using the free hotline +44 (0)1925 831636 or speak to your local Sortimo contact.

No, only the dimensions of the L-BOXX 102 G4 and the L-BOXX 136 G4 have changed.

mySortimo labels let you label your inset boxes, cases, BOXXes as well as the shelves of the Sortimo SR5 van racking system individually, according to type and purpose as well as whether they belong to a specific vehicle or employee and to give them a colour code. The Sortimo colour code thereby provides effective visual labelling, which lets you see at a glance what content is located in which BOXX.

Yes. You can buy the inset boxes in a set or individually at

Yes, all partner boxes are 100% compatible with the Globelyst van racking system and with SR5.

The inset boxes can be used in all cases and boxes. However, because of their height, the 95 high inset boxes only fit into the L-BOXX 136 G4, the metal case 330 and into every Sortimo drawer with height 8.

Individual components are available for all BOXXes and Cases. Please contact Sortimo to order or should you have any questions on the free hotline number +44 (0)1925 831636 or get in touch with your local Sortimo contact.

The new L-BOXXes G/G4 have the suffix “G”, which denotes the new design in the trend colour cool grey. The L-BOXXes 102 G4 and 136 G4 also now feature an optimised shape and enhanced functions, denoted by the suffix “G4”. More information is available here.

The load capacity is 50 kg per cross member.

Yes! The Sortimo roof rack system proved in crash tests under real conditions that it has a higher safety rating than the industry standard.

Individual parts are available for all BOXXes, cases and Sortimo van racking systems. Please contact Sortimo to order or should you have any questions on the free hotline number +44 (0)1925 831636 or get in touch with your local Sortimo contact.


Please fill out the form below. We will call you back.



Setting standards in your vehicle and workshop? Sortimo provides you with the perfect solution to do so! The use of colour codes identifies where things belong at a glance. The structure can be individually defined. For instance, you might structure the system according to the type of content (e.g. tools, consumables, etc., and/or screws, rawlplugs, etc.), according to vehicle or employee(e.g. Red = Employee A, Green = Employee B, etc.) or based on your own individual ideas. The systematic use of standard cases and BOXXes also makes it possible to standardize and ensure that everything fits together! For example, the L-BOXX is a packaging solution for tools and consumables widely used in the marketplace.


Universal lashing points

The SoboPro floor has integrated lashing points which are compatible with all ProSafe applications such as lashing straps, CargoStopp, restraint poles or load safety nets thanks to universal applications.


Floor plate

The 7-ply glued wooden floor has a thickness of 9 mm and is made of Nordic birch. Its multi-directional textured coating makes the moisture-resistant floor scratch-resistant and extremely non-slip even in wet conditions.


Original lashing points

The vehicle’s original lashing points remain available using the integrated flush lashing points in the floor, and are compatible with ProSafe.



Storage space and payloads are limited, particularly in your vehicle. Another reason to transport just the things you actually need. SR5 van racking provides a comprehensive overview in the vehicle and helps to identify tools or small components and organize them if required. This frees up more storage space for transport and also reduces the vehicle’s fuel consumption as a result of the reduced overall weight.



Work processes can be optimized by systematic organization in the vehicle, minimizing the time needed to search for and find things. Sophisticated arrangement of objects helps with efficient access to the contents. For example, we can eliminate the need to enter the vehicle by placing frequently used objects close to the vehicle doors.



Cleanliness in the vehicle reduces the time it takes you to access contents, at the same time increasing safety at work. In addition, this is the best advertisement to your customer of your profession­al working methods. Unlike an untidy vehicle, structured organi­zation in the SR5 van racking makes it possible to clean the load area simply and without the need for time-consuming clearing out. Incorporating the vehicle interior into regular vehicle maintenance definitely pays off.



It’s also easier to discipline yourself to make use of the organizational and cleaning rules in view of the aforementioned benefits. Continuous improvement forms part of the 5S method. For this reason, your workflows always need to be critically scrutinized to maximize any potential for improvement. The flexibility of the SR5 van racking system provides for a number of adaptation options, and so it can be adapted to meet the continuously changing requirements in the world of work.



The drawers offer an optimum overview with their full pull-out feature and quick access to the tools, machines or spare parts inside. Thanks to their anodized aluminium front, all SR5 elements are truly sturdy.


Long components tray

In the long components tray, awkward or long items such as pipes, cable ducts or aiming stakes can be stowed and transported safely. Opening the rear section allows contents to be removed simply and quickly to the rear.



The SR-BOXXes, which are unique in their functionality, can be integrated both on and under the shelves in the van racking using the plastic slides, meaning that the available space is used to optimum effect. Small items and consumables can be stored here.



SR-Drawer As an innovative alternative to a drawer, the SR drawer offers the tried and tested Sortimo SR drawer function, but it can be removed completely at any time. Dividers and insetboxes offer varied opportunities for organization.


Aluminium side profiles

The sturdy and compact aluminium side profiles are the basis for each SR5 shelf and require just a small space on the vehicle floor. This ensures maximum load space usage so that large items can be conveyed without any problems in the vehicle. Varied accessories for all kinds of sectors and requirements are screwed to the aluminium side profiles at any height for stepless adjustment.



The positioning of the shelves can be varied forwards and back­wards, which allows the SR5 shelf to be adapted to the contour of the vehicle to optimum effect. This ensures adequate space for the load and freedom of movement. The roof area which is other­wise hardly used is exploited to the maximum. The shelves are available in various different versions, which can be equipped with SR-BOXXes both above and below.


mySortimo labels

The lettering labels with Sortimo colour coding perfects the organization of the load space – an important foundation for efficient working.


SR5 connection points

Thanks to the standard integrated connection points, Sortimo SR5 van racking can be installed quickly and easily in the vehicle.